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Our mission is simple: Give our customers the most reliable, high performing, and scalable Microsoft cloud platform on the market.

Purely Cloud provides highly available, redundant cloud designs that non-disruptively scale to fit your performance and capacity requirements. From high IOPS environments like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), SQL Server and server virtualization to high capacity applications like SharePoint, Exchange and Dynamics ERP, Purely Cloud provides adaptive performance for all mainstream business applications.

Based in San Diego, California, Purely Cloud supplies state-of-the-art solutions to companies to build their cloud division: comprehensive service level agreement, support, monitoring, and maintenance, in an all-inclusive package with simple, monthly billing.  This increases productivity and produces increased information technology agility in an easy operational expense, without the typical high capital expenditure and support costs.


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We invest in state-of-the-art technology to provide unparalleled solutions to companies that maximize ROIs and eliminate the headaches associated with on-premises strategies 

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 We build a solid relationship with our clients and deliver customized solutions that meet their needs. And we only deploy the most reliable, high performing cloud technology services. This is only part of the strategy that makes our customers happy.  

Why We're Different

 What sets us apart from the rest? It’s all about how we work. Our partnership with you is our first priority. And that means taking no short-cuts and using only best practices in cloud technology.  



Recent News and Developments from Purely Cloud

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The advent of switched networks resulted in Network IDS having great difficulty in promiscuously monitoring their networks. This was overcome by configuring a switch to replicate the data from all ports or VLAN’s onto a single port. This function has a multitude of names including; Port Mirroring, Monitoring Port, Spanning Port, SPAN port and Link Mode port. Port Mirroring generally indicates the ability to copy the traffic from a single port to a mirror port but disallows any type of bidirectional traffic on the port. Spanning Port usually indicates the ability to copy traffic from all the ports to a …

Purely Cloud Storage Area Network (SAN) includes high availability mechanisms that are familiar if you are like the 80% of the array market that uses dual-controller array approaches. It optimizes data safety, but there might be a few seconds of VM inactivity during component failover. If a host substantially fails with Hyper-V HA, a VM will be restarted on another host, and the data should be moved to the new server as soon as possible over the Arista Networks 10 Gigabit backbone. Storage and network layout is optimized for aggressive streaming throughput to hosts, not small random reads. But it …


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