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The advent of switched networks resulted in Network IDS having great difficulty in promiscuously monitoring their networks. This was overcome by configuring a switch to replicate the data from all ports or VLAN’s onto a single port. This function has a multitude of names including; Port Mirroring, Monitoring Port, Spanning Port, SPAN port and Link Mode port. Port Mirroring generally indicates the ability to copy the traffic from a single port to a mirror port …

Purely Cloud Storage Area Network (SAN) includes high availability mechanisms that are familiar if you are like the 80% of the array market that uses dual-controller array approaches. It optimizes data safety, but there might be a few seconds of VM inactivity during component failover. If a host substantially fails with Hyper-V HA, a VM will be restarted on another host, and the data should be moved to the new server as soon as possible …

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FMT Consultants Hosts One-Day Technology Conference, nVerge 2015

Integrated Business Management Solutions Provider Hosts Technology Conference SAN DIEGO, Calif. – October 12, 2015 – FMT Consultants, a leading Southern California provider of integrated business management solutions, is hosting nVerge. nVerge 2015 is a one-day technology conference focusing on business management solutions, collaboration software, Business Intelligence and IT Services. At nVerge 2015 you will …