Lenovo introduces great new PCs to bring out the best in Windows 10 and connectivity

Lenovo introduces great new PCs to bring out the best in Windows 10 and connectivity

Lenovo introduces great new PCs to bring out the best in Windows 10 and connectivity

It’s been a great morning in San Francisco with Lenovo, where today they announced their new line up of YOGA PCs built with Windows 10 in mind. Windows 10 is now running on over 110 million devices worldwide. More than 680 billion webpages browsed with Microsoft Edge, more than 120 years of gameplay streamed from Xbox One to Windows 10, and more than one billion Cortana questions.

Lenovo Event
Joe Belfiore pictured with Dilip Bhatia, Lenovo, holding the brand new Lenovo YOGA 900 Windows 10 convertible laptop

Windows 10 was designed to help people do great things, and these new Lenovo YOGA devices were built to maximize Windows 10’s incredible features.

Now let’s talk about the new PCs Lenovo introduced us to today.

YOGA 900 showing watchband hinge & screen in stand mode (Champagne Gold)

First up, the Lenovo YOGA 900 Convertible Laptop delivers powerful features in a stylish package – and is an incredibly thin Intel Core i7 convertible, weighing in at just under 3 pounds and measuring just over a half-inch thick. Its four usage modes (laptop, stand, tent, and tablet) allow you to work, play, or watch in whatever way is most comfortable, and its improved watchband hinge offers a butter-smooth rotation, so you can flip and fold it into different modes with ease.

The YOGA 900’s 13.3-inch display and Dolby DS1.0-certified JBL stereo speakers take full advantage of Windows 10, bringing digital content to life in a vibrant, immersive entertainment environment. And finally, the YOGA 900’s awesome battery life guarantees up to nine hours of local video playback. Whether you’re in for an all-day movie marathon or a long-haul flight, you’re covered. The YOGA 900 will be available in the U.S. starting October 19 at $1,199, and it comes in three striking colors: clementine orange, platinum silver, and champagne gold.

YOGA Home 900 for productivity

The Lenovo YOGA Home 900 Portable All-in-One Desktop brings entertainment and productivity to every corner of your home. It’s a full desktop computing experience that’s designed for portability, breaking away from the constraints of cords and desks. The YOGA Home 900 packs in the power of an Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce 940A 2 GB video card, for desktop-caliber performance, productivity, entertainment, and creativity – no matter where you are. You can lay the YOGA Home 900 flat and launch its enhanced AURA 3.0 interface to easily access photos, videos, and hundreds of apps (included a curated set of Windows Store apps that work best with its 27-inch screen’s touch capabilities). The YOGA Home 900 is a new way to bring modern families and friends closer together: It’s a family entertainment center, an artist’s creative canvas, and an educational learning tool, all in one. You’ll be able to get your hands on the YOGA Home 900 in the U.S. at the end of October, starting at $1,549.